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The Dink Awards 2022 Winners: Community Chooses Most Memorable Pickleball Players, Creators, & Events

by The Dink Media Team on

The voting period has come to a close on the People's Choice Awards of Pickleball, The Dink Awards.

Thousands of pickleball fans voted to decide their favorite players, personalities, and events in the game of pickleball.

We are honored to bring together our partners the PPA Tour, APP Tour, Major League Pickleball, USA Pickleball, PicklePlay and Selkirk Sport to present this year's awards. With their support we are able to offer thousands prize money for select categories.

Without further ado, we present the winners of the 2022 Dink Awards.

Player of the Year

Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns go back-to-back as repeat champions in the Player of the Year category. It was an easy choice for the fans as these two play the game at another level and racked up the most gold on the PPA Tour in 2022.

Waters went unbeaten in the second half of the year and has a singles win streak that is alive well into 2023. They formed a dominant mixed doubles partnership that won 12 titles together in 2022.

Most Improved - $1000 Grant each presented by Ava Lee and Selkirk Labs

Dylan Frazier and Anna Bright both made huge strides in 2022. Bright launched her pickleball career in the spring and immediately started winning tournaments. By the end of the year she was an MLP Champion and secured partnerships with the game's top players.

Frazier has been around the pro game for years but racked up medals at an unbelievable pace in 2022. His partnership with JW Johnson was dominant on the APP Tour and is arguably the third best in the sport.

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Scrappiest Pro - Presented by the PPA Tour

No one leaves more on the court than Allyce Jones. She rarely leaves a match without completing a dive, a roll, or some other scrappy hustle play. All of that intensity makes her a fan favorite and an easy choice for the PPA Tour Scrappiest Player award.

Rookie of the Year - Presented by

Best On-Air Personality - Presented by Selkirk TV $1000 Grant

Content Creator - Presented by Selkirk Sport and The Dink - $2000 Grant

Chris Olson at The Pickleball Studio has taken the pickleball content game to another level. He brought his film making background into the sport and is now one of the most trusted sources in pickleball.

Tyson McGuffin completed The Dink Awards Triple Crown

Barstool Sports' "The Most Electrifying Man in Sports" cleaned up in this year's awards. Fans are drawn to McGuffin's persona and confidence on court. They consume even more from TM off-court with The McGuffin Show podcast. He takes home three awards in 2022.

Match of the Year - Men's Doubles Final, PPA Tour Tournament of Champions

With 50+ pro events in 2022, there were a ton of worthy candidates for match of the year. The Newman/Wright vs. Johns/Johns rivalry was born in 2022 and built in intensity as the two teams met in the finals tournament after tournament.

The rivalry boiled over on Championship Saturday at the PPA Tournament of Champions. A chippy, aggressive match under the lights delighted fans and was the talk of the pickleball world. If you missed it, you can catch the full match below.

Event of the Year - Major League Pickleball Austin

Major League Pickleball, there's nothing else like it. MLP has provided an electric atmosphere for team pickleball. Their Austin event in June was just a reminder of what makes MLP different. Every point matters and the DreamBreaker singles tie-breaker makes for prime pickleball drama.

Thank you to everyone that voted. We are amazed everyday at the growth of the game and none of it would be possible without the millions of players hitting the courts everyday.

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