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Dink Awards 2023 Winners: Most Improved

by Luke Burton on

We're back with part two of the Dink Awards winners. Today we're focusing on the most improved player categories, as well as the player with the most influential voice, and event of the year. If you didn't get chance to see the first set of results, check those out below.

Dink Award Winners - Part One 👇

Dink Awards 2023 Winners: Player of the Year
Records were made! Over 6,000 of you voted in this year’s official fans’s choice awards for the top players, people, and moments from the year. Today we’re announcing the first six categories and releasing the rest over the course of the week — so make sure to check back! via

Part One of the Dink Awards

Men's Most Improved Player

Most Improved Male Player of the Year - Winners

This was an absolutely stacked category (and it shows in the results). Christian Alshon takes the win with a decisive lead but we had our first tie of the Dink awards between Garnett and Staksrud.

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Here are the full results:

  • Christian Alshon (31.3 percent)
  • Connor Garnett (21 percent)
  • Federico Staksrud (21 percent)
  • Hayden Patriquin (18.9 percent)
  • Pablo Tellez (7.8 percent)

Women's Most Improved Player

Womens Most Improved Player of the Year

A stand-out of 2023, Rachel Rohrabacher quickly rose to the top with her incredible performance on the Orlando Squeeze. She has since gone on to partner with Anna Bright and the two have become a force to be reckoned with.

Here are the full results:

  • Rachel Rohrabacher (27.8 percent)
  • Hurricane Tyra Black (24.7 percent)
  • Jorja Johnson (19.2 percent)
  • Megan Fudge (16.4 percent)
  • Etta Wright (11.8 percent)

SLK Rising Talent

SLK Rising Talent Winners

The SLK rising talent award goes to Jaume Martinez Vich who has no signs of slowing down. Vich has already upset Ben Johns in singles this year and we expect it will be a repeat occurrence!

Here are the full results:

  • Jaume Martinez Vich (34.6 percent)
  • Gabriel Tardio (28.2 percent)
  • Judit Castillo (21.4 percent)
  • Tina Pisnik (15.8 percent)

Event of the Year

Pickleball Event of the Year

Major League Pickleball Atlanta comes out on top for the best even of the year in 2023. Whether you were there in-person or watching from home, the energy was out of control. We can't wait to watch more events like this this year!

Here are the full results:

  • Major League Pickleball Atlanta (33 percent)
  • USAP National Championships (23.7 percent)
  • Minto US Open Championships (22.6 percent)
  • PPA Takeya Showcase (12.5 percent)
  • APP New York City Open (8.2 percent)

Top Influential Voice

Top Influenctial Voice

One thing we did not lack last year was hot-button topics for the pros to sound-off on and it's no surprise that the two top podcasts' hosts would rise to the top here.

Here are the full results:

  • Zane Navratil (39.2 percent)
  • Jimmy Miller (18.5 percent)
  • Lea Jansen (15 percent)
  • Jill Braverman (13.5 percent)
  • Travis Rettenmaier (9 percent)
  • Tim Parks (4.8 percent)

2023 Fan Favorite

2023 Pickleball Fan Favorite

Tyson dominated this category and retains his title as the fan favorite for two years running. A huge shout-out to Anna for coming in second place after winning rookie of the year in 2022 - a huge jump into becoming a household name in 2023.

Here are the full results:

  • Tyson McGuffin (31.3 percent)
  • Anna Bright (17.8 percent)
  • Zane Navratill (16.7 percent)
  • A.L. Waters (14.7 percent)
  • Allyce Jones (13.8 percent)
  • Riley Newman (5.7 percent)

Even MORE Winners to Come!

We're at the half-way mark of releasing the 2023 Dink Award winners. Come back on Friday to see the final list including all the content creator categories, best on-court antics, and best pickleball rivalry.

Luke Burton

Luke Burton

Luke is the Chief Growth Officer at The Dink as well as the producer for the pickleball podcast Tennis Sucks. He picked up pickleball in 2020 and now plays competitively in the state.

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