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The Most Polite Pickleball Noise Complaint We've Seen Yet

by Adam Forziati on

In a time when noise complaints over pickleball are commonplace, we expect the complainers themselves to be stark-raving mad.

Between HBO's Real Sports segment obsessing over the issue and countless cases of legal action threatened against particularly-noisy courts, we have a certain idea of what an anti-pickleballer looks and sounds like.

So forgive me for being a little surprised by the comparatively-civilized quote a noise complainer recently gave an Arlington, VA news agency.

Let us explain.

The Walter Reed Community Center tennis courts are used as pickleball courts most nights. But would you believe those courts are built really close to homes? Yes, I'm sure you would. And would you believe that the people in those homes are sick of the sounds coming from the picklers a stone's throw away?

"These courts are probably 50 feet from my doorstep. I can hear all of the action in my bedroom in the back of the house" one neighbor said in a WUSA9 story.

So far, nothing nasty at all. In fact, I feel for this neighbor if they can really hear it at the far end of their home.

The group of players claims it only plays during the permitted hours between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. – which, to be honest, is a fairly generous time frame considering the courts' proximity to residences. Seems a little too early and a little too late to let people play that close to homes.

That same neighbor also added that players often come earlier in the AM and stay later in the PM, especially in fair weather.

But critically, this neighbor said they are not against the sport.

"We're not against the sport of pickleball. We want you to have fun. We want you to go out and exercise and be with your friends."

Wow! Color me impressed. That's a lot more patience than I would have if I were dealing with that situation – and I work for a pickleball website!

The neighbors nearby want hours shortened, noise dampening put in place, and more pickleball courts spread out across the area.

Imagine that: solving pickleball noise complaints with MORE courts, not fewer!

Surely this story will have a happy ending!

...Oh, wait, the neighbor said she and her neighbors may take legal action if no changes are made.

Let's hope the neighbor's ideas are acted on ASAP.

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