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Noise Rallies Pickleball Haters

by Thomas Shields on

Well we've seen it before and we'll see it again. This morning, the LA Times published a story claiming that "pickleball noise is fueling drama" from coast to coast.

And you know what? They aren't wrong. A pickleball popping off the paddle produces a percussion-like sound that seems to move over the ground like an echo on a lake. It's distinct.

I mean, just last July the New York Post documented the alarming saga that unfolded in a quiet Jersey suburb: a gang of senior citizens terrorized the neighborhood with non-stop pickleball "noise pollution". The horror.

Throwback from a July issue of The Dink Newsletter

"Yup, your worst nightmare. The cutthroat gang of senior citizens featured above are terrorizing their neighbors with noise pollution by playing pickleball at all hours of the night. Or, wait, until 8pm I guess? Regardless, it's despicable.

Ok ok, jokes aside, we get it (kind of). If you don't like pickleball and you're hearing the constant pop of the ball all day, it could get pretty annoying.

Now that we've shown a little AWESOME is this article? The 'hurricane force windows" and AK47 comparisons. How about the fact that they chose - in all likelihood - the only photo that featured the group not smiling.

The entire article is a work of art."

End of throwback. But sidenote: you can get 10% off pickleball equipment and apparel at when you use the code: 10DINK (some exclusions apply)

On a serious note, this truly is one of pickleball's biggest hurdles. Particularly when it comes to placing courts on resorts (can't have it too close to the spa) or near golf courses (god forbid Jerry's backswing is interrupted again). Another hurdle is its tendency to cause injuries, especially for the boomer+ crowds. NY Post:

Pickleball mania leading to an epidemic of injuries among baby boomers
Having six hours a day to play pickleball isn’t the best for bones and joints.

You can check out it out The LA Times article here, but fair warning, you'll run into a paywall.