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Pickleball Causing "Intense Backlash"

by Thomas Shields on

The absurd growth of pickleball is not without backlash, as we've heard over and over again.

America's soon to be new favorite pastime (sorry, baseball) has had its fair share of time in the spotlight; dominating headlines across the country, attracting big investors from all corners of the globe and spurring CBS TV shows.

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But as we've seen recently. It's not without controversy (see: Paddlegate), both in our world and outside of it as well. It's spurring neighborly feuds across the country, and most of it is a result of the noisy "pop" caused by contact between the paddle and the ball. We wrote a whole blog about it.

And now, the LA Times is covering it. Their recent blog and podcast breaks down the recent issues arising from pickleball's invasion.

Check it out and give it a listen for yourself.

What do you think? Is the backlash justified?

Thomas Shields

Thomas Shields

Founder of The Dink & Upswing Sports. Host of PicklePod with Zane Navratil. Sometimes commentator and show host.