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Watch This Group Try to Break the Record for World's Longest Pickleball Game

by Adam Forziati on

EDIT: We've received word that this group did, in fact, break the record they sought to. We've updated the video below to show the moment they broke it and the reaction from spectators.

A group of pickleball fanatics are attempting to play pickleball for more than 24 hours – the current record holder for world's longest pickleball game. The attempt is taking place Friday.

Specifically, the record pertains to the Guinness World Record "Longest Continuous Pickleball Doubles," differing from the record set at the 2023 Nationals event, where 264 participants set the record for the most players in a continuous pickleball exhibition match.

Dave Cook and three pickleball-loving compatriots are playing at the Peak Pickleball Club in Missoula, Montana, making their attempt.

There are two key rules laid out for the record attempt:

  • The same four players who start must be the ones to finish
  • They get to take five minute breaks for every hour of play
  • Since no Guinness official will be on-site, the record setting must be recorded, without any cuts whatsoever, with a clock running in the background
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Another interesting rule: breaks can be combined and used together, meaning the group will likely try to bank as many hours as possible in order to take a more significant rest deeper in the attempt.

You can watch the group live – and show your support in the comments – via the livestream on their YouTube channel or watch the video below.

EDIT: The below video depicts the moment this record was successfully broken by the group.

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