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Veloz QUADRA 16mm Review: A Maxed-Out Carbon Paddle

by Adam Forziati on

Veloz paddles boast time as a key material: each paddle takes seven hours to produce, forged under heat and pressure, during a seven-hour production process in which they are encased 360-degress in four layers of carbon fiber.

I recently played with a flagship of the Veloz line, the QUADRA 16mm, to explore how much of that claim holds water.

In my opinion, the Quadra delivers a singular experience for players seeking a medium-weight paddle with incredible shot accuracy and stability. Let's dig in.

Veloz QUADRA 16mm specs

  • Weight: 8.2oz (mid-weight)
  • Thickness: 16mm
  • Handle Length: 5.4 inches
  • Core Construction: Honeycomb
  • Key Material: 4-ply carbon fiber wrap
  • Shape: Standard square shape; edgeless
  • Price: $239.00
  • Swing weight: No data available
  • Paddle Maturity: Medium - should have some light experience with at least two different paddle types to fully appreciate QUADRA's nuance

A note on "paddle maturity" – This is my metric for details surrounding how much relative experience you'll need to get the most out of a particular paddle. This is by no means a set-in-stone analysis; more of a general guideline.

My paddle maturity rating should be weighed against the following:

  • Have you experimented with various paddles?
  • Are you well-acquainted with the diverse surfaces and materials of paddles?
  • Do you closely assess how different paddles align with your playing style, giving them a fair chance to prove their suitability?

If you don't have much experience with different paddles, click here.

The most 'stable' paddle I've tried

A previous reviewer called the Veloz Ellipse "the most accurate paddle on the market."

The QUADRA is also very accurate, but I think the reason for that deserves exploration: it's accurate because it's the most stable paddle I've tried.

Why is this important?

One critical error players can make at the NVZ line is to slightly misjudge their paddle placement during a volley or punch, letting the ball make contact on the outer edge of the paddle away from its sweet spot (its center).

When a ball with pace makes contact with the side of your paddle's face, it destabilizes the paddle in your hand.

Sometimes, it's unavoidable, but an error like this can result in mistaken ball placement – often, that means straight into the net.

But the QUADRA has stability in spades with its 360-degree wrapped carbon surface, with a sweet spot that feels like it takes up almost all of the paddle face.

It even features surprisingly good bounce toward the bottom of the paddle face toward the handle – a spot that is usually dead on most paddles.

This provides extra stability during defensive punches and mis-judged volleys.

How does it spin?

We'd expect the carbon-constructed, mid-weight QUADRA to provide a decent amount of spin...and it does. But something important to consider is the diffusion of the paddle's weight.

As a 3.75-4.0 player at time of writing, I found the distribution of weight throughout the paddle to be incredibly even throughout the paddle face, favoring the 2/3rds of the total paddle which comprise the face.

In other words: its weight feels balanced. It won't tug at your arm muscles over time like other paddles at the very top end of the mid-weight class.

What does this mean for spin? With its multiple layers of carbon and favorable weight distribution throughout the paddle's face, the QUADRA can generate tons of spin...the catch is that many players may have to use an even lighter touch during cross-court dinks.

Who is this paddle for?

This paddle is likely best-suited to those at the 4.0 level and above, mostly due to its advanced materials and construction and its predisposition toward being especially useful in high-level firefights and resets.

This is a premium paddle that will likely be appreciated most by someone who has a fair amount of pickleball experience.

However, if you're more of a 2.5-3.5 with a wrist weakness or inflexibility, consider this paddle's incredible stability and its overall build durability – maybe the price tag will be worth it for you in the long run.

Buy the Veloz QUADRA here.

Adam Forziati has been a primarily recreational player since 2018 but hopes to enter the competitive arena as he improves. He channels his natural curiosity and passion for pickleball when writing content for The Dink's website and newsletter.

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