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The Most Accurate Paddle on the Market? Veloz Review

by Thomas Shields on

Now this…this was a fun paddle to test. Veloz Pickleball recently entered the pickleball scene, and is here to make a statement. They are joining a niche group of “railless” paddles with their fully carbon-wrapped Ellipse & Quadra models.

The Veloz retails for $239 which is on the higher end, but hey…you get what you pay for.

Most paddles today have a plastic edge piece to enclose the core, whereas the Veloz is one solid, durable piece of material that is purely carbon-wrapped.

Veloz paddle features:

  • 4 layers of fully wrapped Carbon Fiber
  • Honeycomb Core
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Length: 16.25’’
  • Width: 7.375’’
  • Length of handle: 5.5’’
  • Circumference of handle: 4.25’’

Why is the Veloz unique?

This paddle featured two absolute “WOW” factors that I have not felt with any other paddle.

I noticed the following aspects immediately, and even after 20+ hours of playing:

1. The sweet spot is the size of Texas

The only time I noticed the sweet spot didn’t respond the way I wanted to was with re-sets.

However. when I was applying force to the ball, the sweet spot was wide open & highly responsive.

The reset responsiveness that I experienced  could be easily fixed with adding weight on the sides of the paddle.

This paddle enhanced some of the most pinpointed shots I've ever made. When it came to shots at every angle on the court, the feel was incredible, especially with drives and dinks.

2. The drive accuracy

In terms of paddle accuracy, the ball traveled exactly where I wanted it to. I feel like I have quality accuracy with most paddles, however this took it to a whole new level.

My drives would fall a half-inch over the net, and I could paint lines like Picasso.

There is truly nothing like it, and it is hard to understand until you actually have it in your hands for a play test.

Not necessarily a "spin paddle"

The only drawback I noticed was a lack of major spin. While this paddle generates a solid amount of spin, it is not as much as I am used to.

This is a personal preference as I have become so accustomed to paddles with a gritty face, where this one is much more smooth.

If extreme spin is not a requirement for your style of play, then this will not be an issue at all.

Tournament spotlight

The fully carbon-wrapped design created an extremely unique vibe that stood out to me in a world of paddle clones everywhere you look (almost all coming from the same manufacturers).

Just after a single play test, I decided to use it in my upcoming 4.5 Men's Doubles tournaments here at The Hub in San Diego. It may not have been the result I was looking for due to some intense competition, however my partner and I came through with a Bronze medal.

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I look forward to using the Veloz in the future as there is no paddle on the market with the same feel today.

I am a huge proponent of “try before you buy,” and luckily Veloz has launched a 30-day testing program on their website here.

They were also kind enough to provide a 10% off discount  for The Dink Subscribers with code: DINK10. This applies to all of their paddles, excluding their Limited Edition Black paddle.

Do me a favor and give this paddle a shot, you won’t regret it. If you have not already, take a look at my Veloz video review above for a deeper breakdown.

About the reviewer
My name is Brodie Smith, a 4.5 level pickleball player grinding my way towards 5.0.

Two weeks back, I received a gold medal at APP Mesa, along with a Golden Ticket to Nationals in Dallas this November.

I come from the Greater Seattle area (AKA the birthplace of pickleball), and have been playing since the game was introduced to me in middle school gym class in 2007.

Throughout my years of playing, I have curiously tested every type of paddle you could imagine. My goal is to provide unbiased reviews to help ensure you find the paddle that best fits your game.

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Thomas Shields

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