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Dream Vacation: Pickleball Camp in Punta Ballena

by The Dink Media Team on

Imagine your next vacation: does it include beach lounging, fine dining, excursions to breathtaking locations, and perfect weather? Naturally. But what if it could include LOTS of pickleball, too?

That would surely take it over the edge from "great vacation" to "epic vacation." And World Pickleball Tour has the hook-up.

From February 13-16, 2023, "Pickleball Coach to the Stars" Matt Manasse and the WPT team will lead guests through a set of pickleball-focused experiences in Cabo, Mexio's Punta Ballena coast.

This luxury tourism opportunity features a 4 day, 3 night stay hosted at the Esperanza seaside resort and will be jam-packed with a top-class pickleball camp, excursion opportunities, beach lounging, fine dining, private happy hours, and more.

What to Expect

Guests can expect a robust, high-energy camp experience with insightful coaching. Everything from positioning, body mechanics, attack/defense strategies, and more will be covered during camp. There will be at least two full days of drilling, learning, and competing!

If that doesn't sound fantastic enough, here are some other considerations:

  • Private concierge and airport transportation to and from the resort is included.
  • Players and guests can expect a luxury welcome package of pickleball gear before departing, along with an International Travel Kit and a Hydration and Snack Essentials Kit for all players and guests.
  • Complimentary happy hours, lunches, and a send-off dinner will be included.
  • Players can travel as small as groups of 2 and as many as groups of 6. Additional lodging options or preferences are available, and extended stay options are available outside of the reserved window for the same rate.

Registration is now open and will fill quickly. Reserve your spot now by going to and completing the registration inquiry form.

Daily camp schedule to be provided upon registration confirmation. The Los Cabos experience is open to all skill levels but is best-suited to those with some experience. Total reservation price will include lodging and camp fees.

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