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Players Sign, Announcements Made | Tour Wars Live Updates

by Thomas Shields on

We attempted to live tweet all of it...but it gets messy with this many players being signed at such an incredible pace.


We want to make it clear that we have not reviewed ANY of the contracts issued to players by the Pro Pickleball Association or Major League Pickleball. All of the below is based on the PPA Tour and MLP's social media accounts.

All of the below should be viewed as such. This is nothing more than a record of what has been reported via the Instagram and Twitter accounts of Major League Pickleball and the Pro Pickleball Association.

Updated List of Signings as of 9:08am CT Sep 6.

PPA adds Gabriel Joseph and Aanik Lohani.

🟧MLP: 100 (33 premier drafted players)
🟦PPA: 55 (15 premier drafted players)

Notable Holdouts:
Joey Farias
Lee Whitwell
Jake Kusmider
Salome Devidze
Eden Lica
Anton Gudz
Kasandra Gehrke
Brandon Nsekpong
Jack Foster
Frank Anthony Davis
Grant Bond
Megan Charity

Updated List of Signings as of Sep 7.

MLP adds some strong signings with the additions of MLP vets Altaf Merchant, Jessie Irvine and Corrine Carr. Alia Brown brings them to 99.

12:35pm CT Aug 31.

The announcement we've all been waiting for: JW Johnson, Jorja Johnson, Dylan Frazier, Gabriel Tardio and Milly Rane sign with Major League Pickleball.

Yesterday: the PPA posted the below graphic announcing Altaf Merchant, but we've confirmed that Merchant has not signed with the organization. Unclear what happened here.

Update: the post was finally removed late last night.


Again, this is simply a record of what has been reported by the organizations via social media.

For the record, I think we deserve credit for the phrase "Tour Wars." We'll be the first to admit, it's kind of a misnomer.'s got a ring to it, doesn't it??

We've received a lot of information over the past 24 hours. We've spoken to owners, key PPA and MLP folks, players, 'media' people and even Twitter trolls.

We'll leave no (adam) stone unturned. So, if you have any more info: shoot us a dm or hit us at

The purpose of this blog was to speculate who would sign where, but then the MLP and PPA Twitter and Instagram accounts started blowing up with signings. It's a Sign Off, ladies and gentlemen!

So, instead, we'll just keep updating this blog with singings as they happen. Send this to anyone who is trying to track it all!

Saturday's Live Pod with Jimmy Miller, MLP owners Jorge Barragan and Tim Klitch and pickleball media junkies Matty Pickles, Johnny 5.0 and ESPN's Matt Zampini

Behind-the-scenes details with Jimmy Miller (recorded Friday)

Or, read this blog (but it doesnt have as much info as the pod).


^Two odd takes. It feels like PPA is more talent but top heavy whereas MLP is more well-rounded and still has some young studs with upside. We hear more of those young stud signings are coming.

Maybe, or they wait for these two to essentially take each other out in a spending war?