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Pickleball Cracks SportsCenter top 10

by Thomas Shields on

Just like most kids in France, Jay Devilliers spent his childhood dreaming that one day he would make it to SportsCenter's Top 10.

The Flying Frenchboy's dream has become the Flying Frenchman's reality. Coming in at number five on today's countdown is a Devilliers ATP from the PPA Championship in Las Vegas. Watch here.

If that versions a little grainy, check out this one here.

Last night's dud of an NFL game had sports fans on the lookout for an alternative form of entertainment. Sports commentator Darren Rovell made the push for more pickleball on Twitter and DraftKings Sportsbook carried the motion.

DraftKings then deleted the tweet. Here's our theory as to why (*puts on tinfoil hat*): the social media manager, not knowing there were beans to be spilled, spilled the beans on a deal that's actually in the works as we speak.

It's rumored that DraftKings will be the official sportsbook of the PPA, but nothing is official yet. Safe to say the social media manager hasn't been privy to the negotiations, so the tweet was likely just a coincidence. Whoops!

But anyway, pretty cool to see pickleball finally crack the Top 10. Only up from here!

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