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A Pickleball Player's Dream in South Florida

by The Dink Media Team on

Southwest Florida is a beautiful place to play pickleball, but excessive heat, insects, wind, rain, and humidity can get in the way. That's why The Pickleball Club set out to create an indoor facility with all the amenities lovers of the sport could need.

Playing at local YMCAs and gyms can sometimes be great, but what about a dedicated sports facility with 14 tournament grade pickleball courts, luxurious locker rooms, a café, air conditioning, and a professional ProShop?

The Pickleball Club is currently finishing construction on their first club in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, FL, which is set to open in April, with five more under development in Port Saint Lucie, Bonita Springs, West River Village (Venice), The Villages, and Fort Myers. Soon, there will be 15 clubs across the state of Florida. And that’s just their opening act.

Players dream about a solution like this: a dedicated club that solves court availability issues and is immune to weather as a factor.

It also promotes the inherent social nature of pickleball by creating an amenity-based destination for players, with ample seating and viewing areas above the courts on the mezzanine-level player’s lounge.

The Pickleball Club's offerings include:

  • A better open play: In addition to ample normal open play hours, the club offers ‘Super-Dupr’ in which it groups players by skill level. This solves the problem with public park open play sessions, which are too crowded and cannot group like-skilled players. Courts may also be reserved in person, or by phone, the web site or app.
  • Ultimate training: Professional instructors can tailor a program to your needs, from individual instruction to clinics to Pickleball Club University’s four-stage development curriculum. Higher level players can progress with the club’s XLR8 program, and the youth have the Pickleball Club Academy. All instructional programs integrate industry leading HD video analysis. In addition, every indoor court has dedicated cameras to record your play for later viewing and four courts have digital scoreboards for club tournaments.
  • League play: Each member-league is based on your skill level, so you will always be challenged at the level that is right for you.
  • Dinks Pro Shop: Dinks offers the latest in pickleball gear and apparel with offerings from all the major brands. Dinks also offers over 75 demo paddles for member use at no additional charge.
  • Pickles Café: Pickles features fresh and organic ingredients for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Beverage selections include fresh made smoothies, an assortment of coffee and espresso based drinks, and multiple beers and wines on tap.
  • Social gatherings: The Pickleball club takes the socialization of pickleball to the next level. Each club’s full time event coordinator organizes activities and events throughout the year including: Food and wine events, athletic activities, social gatherings, and holiday celebrations.

The company is currently raising additional funds to help finance their continued growth. If you are interested in being a part of the future of Pickleball and getting more details, click here.  

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