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Give the Gift of Pickleball for Father's Day With These Products

by Jason Flamm on

Dads who dink, drop, or drive love gifts as much as the next person. But, if you're short on ideas on what to get your pickleball-loving Dad, we have you covered.

Here is the Ultimate Father's Day Pickleball Gift Guide.

Stylin' and profilin'

Who says looking good on the court is reserved only for a select few? Help Dad shine with these stylish gift ideas.

Selkirk x Rhone Collection

The Selkirk x Rhone Backspin Collection features a co-branded Luxx Control Air Epic pickleball paddle, Backspin Lined Shorts, and the Backspin Tee in special edition colorways.

Selkirk x Rhone Collection

Shop Selkirk x Rhone Collection

The Owen Collection

The Owen Collection by Selkirk offers high-quality athleisure wear that transitions from season to season. Designed to keep you looking your best while staying active, the Owen Collection blends style and functionality.

Selkirk Owen Collection

Shop the Collection

Sunglasses and protective wear

Whether Dad plays inside or outside, protective eyewear is a must. RIA and Tifosi have awesome selections engineered specifically for pickleball. Find shades or clear lenses, and help Dad stay safe.

RIA Eyewear

Founded in 2020 by former D-1 college and professional squash player Chris Hanson and former D-3 college tennis player Jordan Kemp.

RIA Eyewear is a performance eyewear brand inspired by a lifelong pursuit of excellence in racquet sports. Enhance Dad's vision and protect his eyes so he can play the game he loves better and for longer.

RIA Eyewear

Shop Eyewear


Whatever Dad's skill level, he can look and feel like a Pickleball champ with sunglasses designed for maximum clarity and protection. Sport-style lenses extend across the entire field of vision.

Tifosi also offers glasses in clear, smoke, and red tints to ensure the right lens at the right time.

Be sure to use code DINK20 for 20 percent off your purchase.

Tifosi Sunglasses

Shop Sunglasses

Pickleball Shoes

Every step taken on the pickleball court should be confident. The right pair of shoes not only maximizes comfort and stability, but can also keep Dad playing longer.

Consider checking out the collection of pickleball shoes:


Well-known tennis brand Babolat naturally entered the pickleball space several years ago. Today, they engineer some of the best paddles and footwear for all pickleball players.

Babolat Shoes

Shop Babolat Shoes
Babolat Dominates Pickleball Footwear Without Endorsing Any Players. Why?
Babolat, the French company primarily known for its tennis equipment, is quickly becoming a player in the pickleball footwear space, despite not having a single player under an endorsement deal.


K-Swiss is an industry leader in pickleball shoes. They've developed technology that lets them engineer pickleball shoes that are lighter and allow players to be more agile while on the court.

K-Swiss Pickleball Shoes

Shop K-Swiss Shoes
The Differences Between Tennis and Pickleball Court Shoes
Don’t think you need pickleball specific shoes while playing? We highlight the differences between tennis and pickleball footwear.


OluKai – which translates into comfortable (olu) ocean (kai) – is committed to creating sustainable products that promote a healthy, active lifestyle. They believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice style and comfort for on-court performance. Besides pickleball shoes, they also offer a variety of flip-flops, sandals, and boots for everyday wear.

OluKai Pickleball Shoes

Shop Olukai Shoes

Pickleball Recovery

Recently, we discovered how much our pickleball audience loves having a Theragun from Therabody on hand to help with aches and pains. We also know –because, science – the importance of staying properly hydrated throughout our play and as a huge part of our recovery.

Seven Critical Recovery Methods for Pickleball Players
Do you take your physical recovery seriously after a tough day of pickleball? We share some methods to bouncing back and some products that could help in the process.

Help keep Dad in the game longer and ready for his next one sooner.

Theragun Prime

If Dad doesn't have a Theragun Prime, then let this be your sign to get him something he'll use every day.

Theragun Prime Massage Gun

Theragun Prime


Corvive (pronounced Cor-Veev) Cor Hydrate is an advanced electrolyte drink mix designed to ensure optimal hydration, essential for maintaining nerve, muscle, and brain function.

With four times less sugar and three times the electrolytes of grocery brands, pure cane sugar aids in the efficient absorption of electrolytes, making it superior to water alone. 

In case you're wondering, pink lemonade is the best. Use discount code PICKLE30 for 30 percent off your entire order.

CorVive Hydrate

CorVive Hydrate

A new pickleball paddle

If your Dad’s paddle has seen better days, it might be time for an upgrade. High-quality paddles can enhance accuracy, power, and control. And don't forget to add some accessories like a nice bag or a fresh pack of pickleballs.

Selkirk Jack Sock LUXX Signature Paddle

One of the hottest new names in pickleball is one of the most well-known names in tennis – Jack Sock. And now, he has his own signature paddle. We have a feeling we're going to see a lot of these at rec courts this summer.

Selkirk Jack Sock LUXX Signature Paddle

Play Like Jack Sock

GAMMA Airbender

Play to live. Live to play. That's GAMMA's motto, and if your Dad loves innovation and wants something a little different for his pickleball game, then you have to get him this GAMMA Airbender. It's not just a paddle; it's a game changer.

Use CODE DINK10 for 10 percent off.

GAMMA Airbender


Franklin FS Tour Series

Some of the top pros in the game – JW Johnson, Jorja Johnson, and Hayden Patriquin – use the Franklin FS Tour series of paddles. They come in a variety of colors (real men wear pink...) and offer paddles for every level of play.

Franklin FS Tour

Shop FS Tour Series


Warstic is a USA-based sporting goods brand not afraid to push the status quo. Their paddles combine design with high performance and are built for those with a "warrior's mentality."

If your Dad never let you win at anything growing up – he'll probably love a Warstic paddle.

Warstic Pickleball Paddles

Shop Warstic Paddles

Selkirk AMPED Pro Air Paddles

Crafted to deliver balanced power and control in one uncompromising paddle, the AMPED Pro Air pickleball paddle from Selkirk Sport offers the smooth, familiar feel of an all-court paddle, alongside the next-level technology necessary to dominate on the court.

Selkirk AMPED Pro Air Paddles

Sport the AMPED PRO Air Paddle


Dad can't play without some balls ... pickleballs. We're talking about pickleballs people!

Selkirk Pro S1 Ball

The Selkirk Pro S1 Ball is the most consistent and durable pickleball on the market. And if something does happen to it – like a crack – Selkirk will replace it. They are the only pickleball that comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Selkirk Pro S1 Ball

Selkirk Pro S1 Ball


GAMMA is a pickleball company known for doing things a little differently. Their unique 38-hole (instead of the usual 40) balls are completely symmetrical and offer a true flight experience. They are also perfect for playing true in any weather.


Play with CHUCK

A Pickleball Match Tracker

Does your Dad like to keep a tally of his matches? This Pickleball Match Tracker is a perfect way for him to track his progress throughout his pickleball journey. It allows him to keep notes on his games, record successes, and set goals.

It's an awesome way to chronicle the evolution of his pickleball game.

It also helps him maintain bragging rights over all his pickleball frienemies.

Pickleball Match Tracker

Get the Match Tracker

Subscription box

Who doesn't love a good subscription box? Whether it's food to help him refuel or The Dink Pickleball Box to help him replenish his pickleball goods, Dad's sure to think of you every time one shows up at his door.


Healthy, fast, and delicious, a ButcherBox subscription is the ultimate Happy Father's Day gift. New users can select their choice of either Bone-In Thighs, Top Sirloins, or Salmon FREE in their box for a year, plus $60 off ($20 off the first 3 boxes). No code required, offer valid until 6/18/24.



The Dink's Pickleball Box

The Pickleball Box is pickleball's number one subscription box and features premium pickleball equipment, apparel, and gear delivered directly to Dad's door four times a year.

Presents four times means you'll be 4X Dad's favorite. We also offer a one-time purchase without the subscription for your gifting needs.

The Pickleball Box

Get 25% off with code DADDYDAY

Get The Pickleball Box
Jason Flamm

Jason Flamm

Jason is a writer from St. Louis. He’s been a coach in several sports and is currently working on his pickleball coaching certification. He loves to teach and share his passions.

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