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Babolat Dominates Pickleball Footwear Without Endorsing Any Players. Why?

by The Dink Media Team on

When it comes to pickleball, trends are everywhere.

From how to serve to what to wear (see Cason Campbell) to whether or not to wear protective eyewear, the sport that in and of itself is a worldwide trend has plenty of trailblazers and trend setters.

That includes shoe brands.

Babolat, the French company primarily known for its tennis equipment, is quickly becoming a player in the pickleball footwear space, despite not having a single player under an endorsement deal. It has come out with a line of paddles, apparel and accessories, but it's the company's footwear that is now all the rage in pickleball.

Judit Castillo in her Babolats.
Judit Castillo in her Babolats

Despite not formally sponsoring any of the top players in professional pickleball, many of the game's best rock Babolats during their matches by choice.

Ben and Collin Johns – the best men's doubles team in the sport – are among the many athletes who choose to wear Babolats despite not having an arrangement with the company.

Chris Haworth, Jack Sock, Matt Wright, Zane Navratil, Federico Staksrud and Kyle Yates have footwear sent to them by Babolat. Other players like Hunter Johnson have been seen wearing Babolats in competition.

"I like them because they’re lightweight and stable," Navratil told The Dink. "And they’re also pretty durable."

In total, 40 percent of the top 10 PPA men’s doubles players in the world wear Babolats. The brand is just as prevalent on the women's doubles scene, with the No. 1 APP women's doubles player in the world - Simone Jardim - and 40 percent of the top 10 PPA women’s doubles players wearing them in competition, making Babolat the clear dominant brand in professional doubles pickleball.

Parris Todd, Lucy Kovalova, Judit Castillo, Etta Wright, Simone Jardim, Allyce Jones, Callie Smith and Meghan Dizon all wear them in competition, while Leigh Waters has also been seen wearing Babolats on and off the court.

A breakdown of the brands 57 of the best women's doubles players wear

"I like my model Babolat Jet Tere because they are lightweight and breathable," Kovalova told The Dink. "Also, they fit my feet great. I prefer white shoes so the white model I like (with little purple and pink) is perfect for me."

The all-new Jet Mach 3 is packed with the latest technology. Every detail is designed to increase player confidence and speed on court. They're lightweight, comfortable, and built for speed.

The new Jet Mach 3

There must be a reason why most of the game's best pickleball players wear Babolats in competition. Be sure to check out the mens and womens selections of Babolat footwear and step your game up with a fresh pair of pickleball sneakers.

It's quite an endorsement that they wear these in competition despite not being financially motivated to do so.

The numbers back it up. Babolat is the overwhelming sneaker choice of pickleball pros.

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