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Nike Drops Pickleball Shoes

by Adam Forziati on

Call up Ben Affleck and the gang from Air – we're sure Nike's new pickleball shoes will soon warrant their own movie like the legendary Air Jordans did.

Normally, we wouldn't dedicate an entire article to a brand releasing a new pickleball product – particularly since new pickleball gear is popping up every day.

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But this is Nike we're talking about!

  • The household name worldwide that's been around since the '60s
  • The world's largest supplier and manufacturer of athletic shoes and apparel
  • It has generated $22 billion in revenue in the US alone since 1988
  • It occupies 62 percent of the world athletic market

If Nike is willing to invest in shoes, will they be willing to invest in athletes, too?

We have to assume Nike money would be good money; it's not like a brand this large would fund just anyone ... in fact, the movie Air details the complicated decision-making that went into the company's partnership with Michael Jordan.

At any rate: the Nike pickleball shoes look pretty good:

According to Fromuth Pickleball's listing pages, features of the Nike Zoom Challenge Pickleball shoe include:

  • Air Zoom unit in the heel adds a spring to your step.
  • Synthetic overlays provide lateral support and help keep your heel secure.
  • Soft collar and padded heel give you comfort and security around your ankle.
  • Mesh panels offer breathability.
  • Extra rubber in the toe area, specifically the tip of toe, provides durability.
  • High-abrasion rubber in the forefoot offers durability and traction.

Adam Forziati

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