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Pickle Pod: Flipping the Script on Eddie and Webby

by The Dink Media Team on

The pickleball podcast panorama isn’t particularly prominent, yet (sorry, I just love alliteration). There aren’t many out there, but while there’s a lack in numbers, there certainly isn’t a lack in quality, which you already know if you’re a listener of the Eddie and Webby Show.  

From Simone Jardim to the founders of the PPA, the Detroit-area natives have featured some pretty entertaining personalities from around the pickle-sphere.

The format? Typically they’ll invite on a guest or two, crack a craft beverage, and shoot the sh**. At least, that’s how it seems – like you’re hanging out with your friends and taking a peek behind the curtain into the world of pickleball.

But in reality, there’s a lot of prep that goes into the show, which is why it’s the number one pickle pod out there. For this piece, we decided to flip the script and interview them…

How’d you two meet?
High school, friends ever since. Part of the reason we started the podcast, which sometimes covers craft beer and technology as well, was to hangout from across the country after Eddie’s move to Florida.

What was the motivation for starting the podcast?
To highlight the sport we love and do so in a funny, entertaining way. It also goes without saying that the sport and the pros don’t get nearly the recognition they deserve, and we want to help change that and grow the game.

Favorite guest or best moment?
Webby: Hall-of-Famer and all-around cool guy, Steve Paranto. He did a live music performance and followed it up with a ventriloquist act
Eddie: Simone Jardim. Usually, our interviews are pretty lighthearted, but we were able to get a little deeper with Simone, and it was really cool to see that side of her. Plus, she’s just frickin’ funny

What’s Next?
While Webby will be taking on pros like Zane Navratil in a recently launched video series called Webby Vs Everybody, you can occasionally catch Eddie live-streaming and commentating at APP tour events. The pair is also set to host the 2021 Beer City Open in Grand Rapids, MI.

You can catch their live, twice-a-month show on their YouTube Channel, Facebook or Twitch.

The Dink Media Team

The Dink Media Team

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