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Let your paddle do the work

by The Dink Media Team on

There are some players that have effortless power on the court. They’re not the biggest or the strongest but the ball flies off of their paddle.

Jaume Martinez Vich is one of those players. In a new video from Davis Pickleball, Jaume explains the intricacies of his swing and where his power comes from.

The Grip

  • Instead of gripping the paddle tightly with his whole hand, Jaume squeezes the paddle with his thumb, middle and ring finger. He maintains a loose wrist and forearm to maximize mobility.
  • Timing is also stressed by Jaume. His grip is loose before contact but tightens just before contact.

Whip It

  • A loose forearm and wrist allow Jaume to create a whipping motion with the paddle. In his backswing, he points the paddle towards the back fence to create lag.
  • At contact, he whips the paddle through the ball at maximum velocity. This sends the ball rocketing off his paddle.
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Most beginner players try to generate power by tightening their arms and choking their paddle. All this will do is leave you sore the next day.

Let your paddle do the heavy lifting. Swing it like Jaume and shock your opponent with your effortless power.

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