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How to Use a Brisk Wind to Your Advantage

by The Dink Media Team on

The wind is pickleball’s arch nemesis. Well, outside of rain, snow, and noise complaints, wind is pickleball’s arch-nemesis.

The light, plastic ball is at the mercy of the wind. Even a 5-10 mph wind can throw off the best players.

Unless you’re playing indoors, it’s nearly impossible to escape the wind. So let’s learn how to deal with it instead of giving up and going to fly a kite.

Playing Against the Wind

When the wind is blowing into your face it might seem like a disadvantage, but thanks to the drop, it can actually be a huge advantage.

A drop into the kitchen is easier when hitting into the wind. You can leave the ball high, with room to clear the net and the wind will knock it down to your opponent’s feet.

  • Play slow, favor the drop
  • Take more balls out of the air at the kitchen line
  • Let more balls go out

Playing With the Wind

When the wind is at your back, you don’t have the same advantage. Your advantage is to play fast. Time to unleash the big guns.

Your drives and speedups will be more effective with assistance from the wind. They will have added velocity, giving your opponent less time to react. Just don’t overdo it and send the ball sailing into the back fence.

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  • Play fast, favor the drive
  • Let balls land in the kitchen instead of overextending for volleys
  • Their lobs and drives will stay in bounds thanks to the wind; be ready to play everything

Let the wind take the guesswork out of your game. If it’s in your face, play the slow game. If it’s at your back, shift into the fast lane.

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