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How the "Fridge and Toaster" Drill Can Improve Your Game

by The Dink Media Team on

Leave it to Selkirk pro Morgan Evans to come up with a uniquely named drill that’s easy to remember. This one is called "the fridge and the toaster."

It’s a pickleball version of the tortoise and the hare. One player plays fast and the other one slows it down.

The Fridge

The fridge’s job is to cool everything down. They start at the kitchen line and aim to reset the ball into the kitchen. In this drill, they work on controlling the ball and staying calm under pressure.

The Toaster

The toaster has the opposite job. They’re going to heat things up. The toaster’s goal is to drive the ball into difficult spots and put the pressure on the fridge.

The Drill

Start with the toaster at the baseline and the fridge at the kitchen. The toaster will drive balls at the fridge until the fridge can consistently reset 8/10 balls into the kitchen.

Second Progression

To make the drill more difficult, the toaster will move into the midcourt. They will again drive the ball at the fridge and try to put the pressure on. If the fridge can handle the heat at this distance, it’s time to move to the third progression.

Third Progression

Finally, the toaster advances to the kitchen line. From here they have a major advantage on the fridge. Speedups from here will be the most difficult to reset. Once you’re comfortable at this level, you’ll be prepared for anything.

Use this drill to get more confident at the line and handle attacks with ease.

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