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How Tall is a Pickleball Net?

by JB Jones on

How tall is a pickleball net?

The pickleball net hangs 34 inches tall in the middle of the court and 36 inches tall at each sideline.

Much like the net in tennis, the net in pickleball is different at the middle of the court and at the sidelines. This makes is advantageous to hit the ball down the middle of the court because it can be hit lower. Hitting down the sideline comes with an added degree of difficulty and higher net.


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Pickleball Net Width

The pickleball net is 22 feet wide. It extends past each sideline, 1 foot on each side. This is an important part of the game because the ball is not required to pass over the net. Players can hit the ball around the post which is known as an ATP. The net extending past the sideline makes this more difficult and more impressive when it happens.

Most permanent nets will have a crank on one of the posts to help raise and lower the net. No judgment here, if you want to be the person that carries a tape measure in their bag and adjusts the net before a match. Net straps are also a quick way to adjust the net height before starting a match. They are usually velcro and can be tightened to lower the height of the net or  can be loosened to raise the net.

There's nothing better than a professional caliber court and no wait times. Get your pickleball net to correct height and get on the courts.

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