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Go Full Custom with Ben Johns

by The Dink Media Team on

The Ben Johns signature paddle needs a couple modifications before it is the actual Ben Johns signature paddle used in tournaments. Watch the video below to see how you can modify your own paddle.

Tape it Up

Grip tape, lead tape, electrical tape. All kinds of tape to go from factory made to tournament ready. If you want the power , touch and control of Ben Johns, these additions can start you in the right direction.

Grip tape

– Does just that, makes your paddle easier to grip. Johns goes the extra mile adding 3 layers of tape which increases the thickness of the handle and provides cushion for absorbing impact. Grip strength plays a huge part in pickleball so having a handle set to your personal preference can go a long way.

Lead Tape – This add weight to a desired part of the paddle. Johns breaks down how the added weight can be beneficial for power and control.

Electrical Tape – Not sure if this just for a cleaner look but its on the Goat’s paddle. Plenty of different color options here so feel free to go full custom and add the color of your choosing.

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