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Gary Vee is Now a Team Owner in Major League Pickleball

by The Dink Media Team on

That's right, internet sensation and world-famous entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk is the newest owner in Major League Pickleball! Vaynerchuk is known for his massively successful entrepreneurial efforts and for broadcasting his journey on social media. These efforts have made him one of the most influential people on the internet today.

We sat down with Gary Vee yesterday to get a little more insight into his long term plan. When asked 'why pickleball?' Vaynerchuk answered "I like it...The same reason I invested in eSports. I like being a smart businessman. And I think it's a sport that every part of my spidey senses tell me that it's going to play out...I'd like to be a big impact on the sport" If you haven't heard Gary speak, you need to give him a listen. You can catch our short interview here. (goes live at 9am ET)

More than Money

And it's clear the sport is more than just a financial investment for Vaynerchuk. He appreciates the finer nuiances that make pickleball special, "I love how the game was constructed. You know, it has done a lot of things to mitigate the huge disparity that happens in tennis, which I think keeps a lot of people out of tennis." Vaynerchuk famously participated in (and won) an exhibition match involving US tennis legends Andy Roddick and Andre Agassi.

Vaynerchuk also realizes the enormous impact the game can have on an individual basis, "I think it's gonna save people's lives...I think a lot of people are going to fall in love with the sport in the next decade, and find themselves as a cliche, 52 year old that is done with exercise...who are going to find their way into falling in love with the sport be active at it." His incredible social reach will help spread that positive impact to more players than ever before.

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What Comes Next?

Vaynerchuk thinks a huge component of growing the sport will be live pop culture events, which happen to be his bread and butter. He did not have any details flushed out on what that looks like but we can't wait to see the result. For now, Vanderchuk is coming to the table with eyes and ears wide open to learn more about the game.


Who is Gary Vee?

Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur that got his start growing his family's liquor store into one of the first e-commerce retailers for alcohol called Wine Library. He began making 'business content'  and distributing it on social media seeking to inspire and educate new entrepreneurs.

Vaynerchuk created, and is the CEO of VaynerMedia, one of the country's most successful media firms. He is a diehard sports fan at heart and his ultimate goal is to buy the New York Jets and win a Super Bowl.

Vaynerchuk is always diving into new business ventures and has created a holding company called VaynerX to move all of his companies under one roof. Across all platforms, Vaynerchuk has tens of millions of followers and one of the most active audiences in the world. To read more on him check out and watch some of his content, it will leave you wanting to run through a wall.

Major League Pickleball's Big Announcement

The official announcement introducing Vaynerchuk was released by Major League Pickleball this morning and more information will be available on their website soon.

As stated in the full press release, Major League Pickleball will be expanded to 12 teams for the upcoming 2022 season. The event will take place June 3-5 at Dreamland, in Dripping Springs, TX. There is plenty more to come including naming the new owners and teams that have been added to the league. Keep up with everything in pickleball with the dink on IG and in our free weekly newsletter.

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