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365Dink: Access Top Private Pickleball Venues Nationwide

by The Dink Media Team on

One of the challenges facing the rapid growth of pickleball is a lack of court availability, especially in hotspots like Florida, California, and Texas.

Whether you're looking to play on a weekend getaway or during a business trip, access to quality courts has become a big hurdle for players.

What makes pickleball great is the ease with which you can play on a business trip or vacation. No bulky travel golf bag or even the tennis racket in the overhead bin. Stick the paddle in your suitcase and you're off.

This is where 365Dink steps in, offering a mega pass that provides pickleball players unparalleled access to private and semi-private venues nationwide. Just as you would pack a paddle in your suitcase, 365Dink ensures you have a court waiting for you, transforming how players engage with the sport while traveling.

Vanessa and Camilla, the dynamic duo behind 365Dink, discovered a shared passion for pickleball, travel, and real estate in Turks and Caicos and Park City, Utah, where coincidentally, they owned condos in close proximity. Their paths crossed in a memorable way when an amusing mix-up led to them being collectively nicknamed "Vanilla" by a fellow owner in Turks and Caicos. This serendipitous encounter inspired the legal name of their company, Vanilla dba 365Dink.

Inspired by the concept of mega passes in the snow skiing world, they envisioned 365Dink as the ultimate solution for pickleball players seeking quality venues on the go.

Our friends at 365Dink have created a great program for pickleballers who like to play at new places when they are away from home. 365Dink is an annual membership that gives players access to private and semi-private pickleball venues all over the country.

Similar to an Ikon or Epic pass for snow ski resorts, it will enable members to play no matter where they are. For a small fee you can guarantee a court at a nice venue regardless of your location.

The program not only caters to players but also benefits pickleball venues by ensuring that courts are always in use and creating an additional revenue stream. It's a win-win for both players and venues.

Nicole Rand Gavigan, a team member at 365Dink, shared her excitement about being part of this innovative venture: "It's been amazing to work with Vanessa and Camilla at 365Dink to help them drive towards the mission of connecting traveling pickleball players to their next best venue."

Exclusive Offer for Our Readers: For a limited time, 365Dink is offering an exclusive 50% off discount on the first year of membership. Use the discount code EARLYACCESS2024 to join for just $180, instead of the regular $365. Don't miss this opportunity to access the best pickleball venues at an unbeatable price.

Click here for more information about the 365Dink program and sign up today!

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