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Introducing the Zane Navratil Carbon Paddle from ProXR Pickleball

by The Dink Media Team on

When it comes to details, no one dives in quite like Zane Navratil. The former accountant turned pickleball pro focused his eye for detail on designing one of the best paddles in the game. Navratil and ProXR Pickleball have teamed up to create the new Zane Navratil Signature Carbon paddle.

"I’m so excited to finally announce the release of my brand new Zane Navratil Signature Paddle! The team at ProXR and I have been working hard to get this paddle out on the courts and into the hands of players everywhere."
- Zane Navratil

If anyone knows spin, it's Zane. Just asks the many victims of his game-changing spin serve. The new Ultra-RAW carbon paddle is designed to maximize spin and power.

Handle Length

The elongated handle on the new paddle is designed to provide more power and maneuverability on the backhand. Coming from tennis, Zane likes to use a two-handed backhand.

The 6" handle allows room for the second hand to grip firmly to the paddle. On a two-handed backhand, the second hand is doing most of the heavy lifting. Zane chose to make his handle length longer than the average paddle to provide enough space for the second hand to operate.

"The paddle has the exact balance of power and spin that I am looking for, and the elongated handle allows for a much stronger two handed backhand!" - Zane Navratil

Modern Design

The sleek paddle face is designed to promote paddle speed and maneuverability. At 14mm thickness, the paddle packs power that can match any competitor in the game.

ProXR Pickleball also incorporates a new Shock-foam around the edge of the paddle. The Shock-foam disperses reverberation for ultimate control of touch shots. When a single inch can be the difference between a winner and an out ball this is the type of control you need.


For Zane, spin was the first priority in creating a paddle. Effective spin is the biggest delineation at the pro level. A player that generates more spin is able to use even more power without fear of a ball going out.

They are able to make a ball dip over the net creating havoc for their opponent. Speedups and roll shots land safely in the court when they have enough spin.

The Ultra-RAW carbon face provides maximum friction allowing the ball to stay on the paddle for longer. Friction and length of contact both contribute to optimal spin production. You will feel the difference as the ball leaves your paddle.


  • 14mm Thickness⁠
  • 6" Long Grip Length⁠
  • Carbon Fiber Paddle Face⁠
  • Weight 8.2 oz⁠
  • Shock-foam Edge Gaurd
  • Small Circular Grip Shape⁠
  • 16.5 x 7.5 Paddle Face Dimensions⁠

If you're looking for the latest in paddle technology then the Zane Navratil Signature Carbon is the paddle for you. It is optimized for power and spin and is one of the best-looking paddles on the market.

Visit to get your hands on the new Zane Navratil Carbon paddle today.

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