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Zane Explains: Why the Average Player Should Play Tournaments

by Zane Navratil on

So, you're thinking about signing up for a tournament, but you're apprehensive. What if I go 2 and out? What if I can't find a partner and get stuck with a blind date? What if I'm playing next to Tyson McGuffin and I can't focus because of his pink short shorts? All valid concerns!

Here's my two cents: Get out there and face your fears. Tournaments are just different than rec play. There's another level of intensity and competitiveness. Our opponents will do whatever it takes to win, including exploiting whatever weaknesses they can identify. In order to improve anything, we need to identify our weaknesses and work on them.

Then, it's on you to work on that weakness on your own! Come back to the next tournament with a better backhand dink, or a deeper return of serve, quicker hands, etc. You can't fix what you don't know.

It doesn't need to be a Pro Pickleball Association tournament or an Association of Pickleball Professionals tour (although if you do go to an APP tour stop, make sure to sign up for APP Academy), but rather any competitive situation.

The key to having fun in pickleball is growth and progression. Tournaments are a great way to continue to grow your game!

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Zane Navratil

Zane Navratil

Zane is a professional pickleball player (ranked No. 17 for doubles). He is also the co-host of the number one pickleball podcast Picklepod.

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