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World’s Tallest Pickleball Tree

by The Dink Media Team on

The World’s Tallest Pickleball Tree belongs to the Vernon Pickleball Association (VPA) of Vernon, BC in Canada. The tree is made from 350 cracked pickleballs and combines Christmas lights, paddles, and ornaments to celebrate the season. The VPA is holding a fundraiser to benefit the Vernon Food Bank and the tree is there to help get everyone into the giving spirit.

Marco Longley topping the 12ft tree with more paddles and lights. Credit: Eagle Valley News

The VPA plays in the Okanagan Wealth Advisors Pickleball Complex, the largest covered court facility in Canada. Marco Longley, one of the club’s 700 members, collected cracked balls for months to build the 12-foot tree and lead the charitable efforts.

If you’re in the area, stop by and make a donation. Or better yet, make a donation, join the VPA, and get some games in at this awesome facility. It is definitely on the destination list for the dink team!

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