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Which Pickleball Pros Have the Most Followers on Social Media?

by Jason Flamm on

Pickleball has become increasingly popular in recent years, gaining a following of dedicated players and fans.

With the rise of social media, many professional pickleball players have been able to connect with their audience and showcase their skills and personalities online.

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So which players have the biggest Instagram game? We're glad you asked.

  1. Genie Bouchard - 2.4M Followers

Perhaps it's unfair to put tennis star Genie Bouchard on this list or call her a pickleball pro just yet, but you can't escape this massive following. In fact, the PPA is doing its best to embrace it no matter her early results. We're rooting for you, Genie!

  1. Jack Sock - 263k Followers

Another great tennis pro turned pickleball pro, Jack Sock is already making a huge name for himself this year with his early results and a game that is a step above the other tennis converts.

  1. Tyson McGuffin - 105K Followers

At almost twice the number of followers as the GOAT, Tyson is at the top of true pickleball pros with his dedicated and intense following.

  1. Kyle Koszuta - 100K Followers

ThatPickleBallGuy got his first big break parodying McGuffin in a series of videos. So, it’s only fitting he’s right behind him in follower count. It also helps that he has amazing pickleball content.

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  1. Ben Johns - 58.8K Followers

Ben has admitted that he doesn't go on social media very much. We suppose winning all those trophies keeps him pretty busy.

  1. Anna Leigh Waters - 52.8K Followers

AL is the queen of pickleball, and at only age 17, she has plenty of years left to raise her social media and all-time great status if she wishes to do so.

  1. Callie Jo Smith - 51.7K Followers
Callie Smith

Callie works tirelessly, bringing great content to her IG community daily. If you want to get better at pickleball, follow her account.

  1. Sam Querrey - 32.3K Followers

Good 'ol Sam.

  1. Catherine Parenteau - 29.8K Followers

The other half of the greatest gender doubles team in pickleball history, CP has no weakness in her game and somehow keeps getting better. 

  1. Parris Todd - 26K Followers

As fierce on a pickleball court as she is on a runway or photo shoot, Parris puts in the work.

  1. Zane Navratil - 22.1K Followers

An OG in the pickleball world, Zane continues to perform at a high level with his pickleball playing as well as his training content online. He's also on a pretty good weekly podcast about all things pickleball.

  1. Riley Newman - 19.9K Followers

Awkward announcements aside, when Riley posts something, it's must-see viewing.

  1. Anna Bright - 19.5K Followers

One of the best personalities and fiercest competitors in the game, Anna lights up a story with every post.

  1. James Ignatowich - 16.2K Followers

Getting No. 1 on SportsCenter a few weeks ago hasn't gone to Big Poppa Jimmy's head. His latest post, he shows you how NOT to hit his infamous ATP.

  1. Jaume Martinez Vich - 14K Followers

Jaume is such a nice and fun-loving guy that if you don’t like him, there’s something wrong with you. He’s also very good at pickleball, as evident by his recent Dink Award

  1. Hurricane Tyra Black - 12.9K Followers
Hurricane Tyra Black

Tyra continues to grow her game. Her most famous win came last year in singles versus Anna Leigh, ending her attempt at a record-breaking eighth triple crown. More success seems to be coming Tyra's way.

  1. Collin Johns - 12.4k Followers

Mr. Personality has amassed just over 12,000 followers. We're not sure how. Maybe people thought they were following his brother Ben. (jk, love you, CJ)

  1. Lea Jansen - 11.4k Followers

Lea has over 11k followers on her IG account, but where she really shines is in the comment section of other people's posts about her. We hear her New Year's resolution was to comment less. Fingers crossed that that resolution doesn't keep.

  1. Christian Alshon - 11K Followers

The tweenerking may also be king of the no comment, comment. He's not saying he dislikes the Vulcan ball. He's just not not saying it, either.

  1. Tyler Loong - 10.6K Followers

Another OG of pickleball, Tyler and his King of the Court podcast (shout out to Jimmy!) is one of the best pickleball podcasts around. Behind PicklePod, of course.

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