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Virginia Dethrones UNC as National Champs

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The DUPR Collegiate National Championships took place last weekend in Georgia. Thirty-six schools from around the nation competed in a Major-League-Pickleball-Style event for scholarship prize money and bragging rights.

The event is the biggest collegiate tournament to date:

Biggest Collegiate Tournament in Pickleball History
College pickleball is skyrocketing in popularity across America and next month is the biggest tournament for collegiate pickleball in the history of the sport.

Last year’s champs from the University of North Carolina were favorites entering the event alongside the number 1-seeded Utah Tech team. Both teams went undefeated through group play.

Following group play, the top twelve teams entered the playoffs. It was in the semifinals where the scrappy University of Virginia squad upset Utah Tech to advance to the finals.

DUPR Collegiate National Championship Finals

University of North Carolina vs University of Virginia

It took four doubles games and a singles dreambreaker to decide a winner in the finals. Pro player Collin Shick and the Tarheels were first to 20 in the dreambreaker, but could not secure the winning point.

In front of a raucous and divided crowd full of students and supporters, UVA rallied back to win the match 23-21. Congrats to Conor Burns, Eli Mautner, Lauralei Singsank and Alexandra McDonald from UVA.

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Get ready for bigger and better things next year and college pickelball is the fastest growing demographic in the sport. Courts are popping up on campuses everywhere you look.

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You can see the full tournament results here.

The full calendar of DUPR collegiate events from this year can be viewed here.

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