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Six-Continent Pickleball World Series Touts Millions in Prize Money

by The Dink Media Team on

Pickleball is no longer just America's game.

The explosion of the sport in the States has been well documented. But the recent momentum internationally in pickleball can't be understated.

Enter the Pickleball World Series.

Times Group, the news and entertainment leader in India, has partnered with Pickleball Asia to launch an exciting new global pickleball series. The new league, Pickleball World Series, will start in the United States and travel across different continents with six major events annually.

Initially the Pickleball World Series will be made up of 64 players in an individual format and six teams of four players each – comprised of competitors from both the U.S. and around the world.

The new venture is led by a familiar face, Pranav Kohli, who is known across the pickleball community as the CEO of Pickleball United, the innovative rollout court solution. As the founder of Pickleball Asia and co-founder of the Pickleball World Series, Kohli aims to set the bar for player compensation.

Not only will $500,000 to $1,000,000 be up for grabs each event, but participating players will be offered an appearance fee and provided travel and accommodations at no cost.

Vineet Jain, Managing Director of the Times Group, shared his perspective on the venture.

"Pickleball is gaining ground as the game for urban sports enthusiasts. Times Group is known for its innovation and its ability to be ahead of the curve in every one of its initiatives. We are happy that Times Group is bringing the World Series, and we really hope that this also inspires the growth of pickleball in India. I personally believe that Pickleball will overtake tennis in terms of participation in about 5-7 years."

Kohli spoke of the game and the partnership with Times Group and highlighted the fact that:

"The pickleball player community is now 60 million strong worldwide and is growing steadily."
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Kohli went on to explain the logistics of the venture:

"Pickleball World Series will embody the spirit of the pickleball community and aim to provide action-packed competition along with scintillating entertainment built around the game. Starting off in the United States, the Pickleball World Series will travel across different continents with six major events. The series will be supported by Pickleball World Rankings, a one-of-a-kind ranking system that allows players to accumulate points and qualify for the Pickleball World Series."

The group also plans to launch its own ranking system to coincide with the series. The Pickleball World Rankings aims to create an international ranking system for both amateurs and professionals in an effort to connect players across the world.

Pickleball World Rankings, in addition to factoring in Pickleball World Series events, will sanction various tournaments around the globe. Competing in these tournaments will allow a competitor to establish a world ranking.

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