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ThunderDome Pickleball Club Upgrades Apparel Offerings for Members

by The Dink Media Team on

As the leader in streetwear pickleball apparel, RND Streetwear is setting a new standard for Pickleball Clubs. The ThunderDome Pickleball Club teamed up with RND Streetwear to provide its members with high-quality products with their custom ThunderDome vibe.

How It All Started

One day, we received a Direct Message on Instagram from one of the leaders of the ThunderDome Pickleball Club. The group recently saw the 'No Mercy' pickleball shirt design, where one of the skeletons is smashing the pickleball, and the ball crushes through the opponent's paddle. The group loved the graphic and wanted to create custom apparel incorporating their ThunderDome logo.

The idea was to offer the Club any garment, material, or color to maximize the personal style of the individual. Our goal was to open the floodgates to multiple customizations because everyone wants something different. We want people to love what they wear, and having them part of the process challenges us to be better at what we do.

The Challenge

The pickleball group received the parameters of 'do whatever you want' within minimal boundaries. The request came to create shirts, tanks, long sleeves, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Most of the colors for the garments were black and navy. The material was a mix of 100% cotton, 100% polyester (Dry-Fit), and 70% cotton/30% Polyester for fleece.

RND Streetwear is focused on clothing that includes 100% cotton for shirts. In the future, we planned on developing a dry-fit collection for activewear. We took on the task and challenged our cut-and-sew factories to develop dry-fit apparel. We went through sampling with the ThunderDome designs and RND Streetwear designs for reviewing and testing.

After a round of sampling and sending the dry-fit apparel to the ThunderDome, Influencers, and Pickleballers, we received amazing feedback on the quality and print that moved us forward to offer a dry-fit clothing line.

The Outcome

The ThunderDome Pickleball Club Collaboration with RND Streetwear

We worked with the ThunderDome Pickleball from start to finish. As part of the process, they redesigned their logo, which came out amazing. RND Streetwear accelerated its timelines and now offers a dry-fit collection for the 'No Mercy' design in shirts and racerback tanks. And most important, the club members received a personable product that included them in the journey.

If you have a custom project for your Pickleball Club, Corporation, or Foundation, we would love to take on the project and include you in the journey.


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