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Introducing a new series from Sean McCawley from Napa Tenencious Fitness that covers the best way to prevent and recover from injury while on the court. Sean is a fitness professional that has become addicted to pickleball and is doing his part to share it with the rest of the world.

In the beginning era of my collegiate academic career, I found myself in an early morning Critical Thinking course.  As an eighteen-year-old in his first year outside of high school, one could imagine the second semester of an English course at 8 AM wasn’t the most desirable position to be in.  A warm bed sprawled out sleeping until the crack of noon sounded far more desirable for a developing young lad who was hanging out with friends far too late the night before class.

Droning throughout one of our first classes, the teacher said something that has adhered to my subconscious for many years.  She began the course by explaining that if we want to live fulfilled lives, we need to think critically about what we want to do.  In order to think critically, she explained three main principles that would propel us to success.   She wrote phrases on the board:

  1. Have something to do.
  2. Have something to look forward to.
  3. Have something to love.

This message she conveyed not only slapped me out of my stupor from lack of sleep, but it resonated with me until this current moment in my life.  My relationships that I built, the journeys I have been on, and the career I forged in the fitness industry steered me to unveil what I was most passionate about in life.

I learned that I loved fitness and recreational physical activity as a hobby, coaching athletes, and always having a sport to look forward to mastering my craft at.  I have a beautiful wife and child in my life.  I work with many people to improve their everyday lives via fitness and healthy lifestyle decisions.  The team of coaches I am privileged to be working with has given me an unforgettable experience I am blessed to have.  Lastly, I always look forward to my hobby.  My hobby has been to improve my skills and test my abilities in a recreational physical activity offering me endless hours of fun.  This hobby was introduced to me three years ago.  It was Pickleball.


Pickleball and my skills as a fitness professional quickly went hand-in-hand.  I perform a dynamic stretching routine before every workout and play or practice pickleball.  The knowledge from my years of physical therapy apprenticeships, collegiate athletic internships, and studying exercise physiology with my mentors and advisors have offered me the tools necessary to enjoy pickleball to the fullest.  Through adherence to injury prevention, flexibility, and strengthening exercises, I can play pickleball until the lights out on the courts free of nagging injuries and fatigue.

My gift throughout my career as a lifetime fitness specialist is to help people live happier, healthier, and stronger lives.  I’ve been fortunate enough to mentor under brilliant minds responsible for helping exercise participants, athletes, and individuals progressing throughout physical therapy rehab get the most out their human performance.  Along with my fascination with improving my skills as a pickleballer, I consider it a privilege to share my thoughts on improving my communities’ experience focusing on injury prevention, nutritional awareness, and strengthening the body and mind.  It’s my job to ensure my pickleball community can play this game we love so much in a pain free, healthy, and happy position in life.

This is my gift, and it would be my pleasure to share it with you to help you all not only thrive out on the court, but also in life.


Owner and Founder of Napa Tenacious Fitness

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