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The go-to dink that works at every level

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Watching dink battles can feel like watching paint dry. Two players trading unattackable shots are unlikely to make any highlight reel.

But for the players on the court, there is more at play than meets the eye. The speed, depth and spin of each shot must be finely tuned.

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One of the first dink variations you should learn is one that is prominent at every level, the slice dink.

Selkirk Coach Dominic Catalano explains The Art of Cut and Slice in a new video.

The slice dink requires a simplistic stroke

Everything starts at your shoulder, which should serve as a pendulum, without requiring action from the elbow or wrist.

A slightly open paddle face and push motion through the paddle will create the backspin that makes this shot effective.

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Catalano favors this shot at the kitchen line because he is able to use the width of the court with less threat of an ATP.

According to Catalano "When we put that backhand cut or slice on it, the ball is going to act almost like a golf ball with backspin on it. It is going to check-up a little bit and not go too wide."

This allows you to be aggressive while dinking but still limit your risk of giving up an ATP.

For even more dink options, check out the 81 combinations to win in pickleball.

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