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The 2024 US Open Pickleball Championships Promises to Be Better Than Ever

by Jason Flamm on

The 2024 US Open Pickleball Championships promises to deliver the "Biggest Pickleball Party in the World." They even trademarked the phrase, so you know this is true.

The US Open for Pickleball began in 2016, drawing 800 participants and 2,000 spectators. Each year (minus 2020 for COVID), the tournament has grown, and in 2023, the event welcomed 3,000 participants and 40,000 spectators.

What to Expect in 2024

Now, as anticipation mounts for the 2024 event, expectations soar for another groundbreaking year. They expect another 3,000 participants, including pro and amateur players, and anticipate an onsite audience of 50,000 spectators flocking to the park throughout the week.

Inclusivity lies at the heart of this championship. From 8 to 88 years old, junior to wheelchair players, the diverse array of participants contributes to the tournament's warm and inviting atmosphere, fostering a sense of unity across generations in the spirit of competition and camaraderie.

Which Pros Are Going?

In 2023, APP Tour players like Hunter and Yates Johnson (who recently signed PPA exclusive contracts), Parris Todd, Kyle Yates, Andrei Daescu, Simone Jardim, Megan Fudge, and others medal in pro events.

Many of those players are returning in 2024. Here is a list of pros expected to compete:

  • Parris Todd
  • Simone Jardin
  • Megan Fudge
  • Jorja Johnson
  • Anna Leigh Waters
  • Leigh Waters
  • Irina Tereschenko
  • Pei Chuan (top player from Taiwan and Indian Open Champion)
  • Andrei Daescu
  • JW Johnson
  • Hunter Johnson
  • Yates Johnson
  • Louis Laville (UK Champion)
  • Aarman Bhatial (Indian Open Champion – top player in India)

Along with some notable celebrities:

  • Vince Van Patten
  • Danny Wuerffel
  • Rick Barry
  • Ivan Lendl
  • Mikael Pernfors
  • Joanne Russell

Perhaps the most anticipated pros on that list announced their plans to participate in the Open together just a few weeks ago on the PicklePod.

PicklePod: Anna Leigh Waters and Leigh Waters Tell All
Anna Leigh Waters and Leigh Waters joined Zane Navratil and Thomas Shields on the latest episode of the PicklePod, where no topic was off limits.

Anna Leigh Waters (The no. 1 female player in the world) and her mom, Leigh Waters, are set to return as a women's doubles team. They've yet to add a US Open Pickleball Championships gold to their impressive resumes. Will this be their year?

A Worldwide Event

The international allure of the US Open Pickleball Championships sets it apart. Last year, athletes from 29 countries converged, transforming the event into a global celebration culminating in the esteemed US Open flag ceremony.

True to the spirit of the US Open, all are welcome to join the festivities, whether securing a ticket for the Zing Zang Championship Court or relishing in the action on the 59 dedicated courts throughout East Naples Community Park in Florida.

You can also see their Event Guide to see the week's schedule.


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