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Anna Leigh and Leigh Waters Make a Special Announcement

by Jason Flamm on

In case you missed it on Anna Leigh Waters’ Instagram account – which, why would you have anything better to do than follow all your favorite pickleballers every post – ALW and her mom, Leigh Waters, had a special announcement.

Against a backdrop of plush gray clouds seemingly ready to crack open at any moment and wind whipping through their microphones, Anna Leigh and Leigh Waters excitedly counted down, then shared their plans to play in the US Open together. 

This announcement is special because Leigh Waters had to sit out all of 2023 with a torn ACL. While she has played a bit since recovering from her injury – with Christian Alshon earlier this year at the Hyundai Masters and Anna Bright at a local tournament (where her daughter got to coach her for once) – Anna and Leigh last played the US Open together in 2021, taking home the bronze in women’s doubles. 

It’s always great to see this dynamic duo on the court together, and we can speak for everyone when we say it’s been far too long.

The Minto US Open Pickleball Championships will be held in Naples, Florida, from April 13-20. This event is typically a fan favorite, drawing participants and audiences from all across the country. 

You can find out more information about the Open on their website.

If you want to hear more from ALW and her mom, tune into the PicklePod this upcoming Monday, when we release a special episode featuring the two.

Jason Flamm

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