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Simone Jardim Announces Plans to Retire Following the 2022 Season

by The Dink Media Team on

The queen of pickleball plans to hang up her crown at the end of the 2022 season. In this week’s Live with Simone segment of the Eddie and Webby Show,  Jardim announced her plan to retire from pickleball.

She has been at the pinnacle of the women’s game for most of her pickleball career and is a fan favorite across the country. The second half of her 2021 season has been riddled with injuries and has gotten burnt out from the non-stop tournament schedule. Jardim did not announce any plans for after she retires but it’s safe to assume she will be in high demand for anything pickleball related in 2023.

Jardim also hinted at some relationships that have been damaged going into the 2022 season. It sounded like she has been dropped by one or multiple partners for individual tournaments.  This personal wear and tear is another factor weighing on Jardim.

The pickleball landscape will look dramatically different without Jardim in the picture. She is loved in the pickleball community and support has poured in for her, during the announcement.  We hope her health continues to improve and will be watching in 2022 to keep learning from the best.

The Dink Media Team

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