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Parris Todd Signs with Team Selkirk

by The Dink Media Team on

Selkirk Sports has been on a signing spree snatching up some of the best talent in the game. In recent months they have linked up with a handful of players as they promote the newest paddle creations from the Selkirk brand.

Yesterday Team Selkirk announced one of their biggest additions of the year, Parris Todd. Todd is one of the top players in the game and has limitless potential still in what would be her rookie year.

She has had a huge impact on the game in a short amount of time and is the only women's player to beat Anna Leigh Waters in singles this year. She already has a championship on the APP Tour, PPA Tour and in Major League Pickleball, a feat that few players will ever accomplish.

Todd joins the talented roster that is headlined by the #1 ranked men's singles player on the PPA Tour, Tyson McGuffin, as well as Selkirk staples Susannah Barr, and Andrei Daescu.

This summer Selkirk has been adding some breakout pros players to their roster. In 2022 they have signed Travis Rettenmaier, James Ignatowich, Pablo Tellez and the sister duo of Mary and Maggie Brascia. They have also been scouting the amateur ranks and have been expanding at that level.  

Parriss Todd has been seen rocking a unique SLK paddle in recent tournaments. The unreleased paddle from Selkirk is attracting attention and should be hitting the market soon.

To learn more about Todd, check out her appearance on the PicklePod.

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