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Riley Newman, Christian Alshon Announce New Paddle Contracts

by Adam Forziati on

Riley Newman had a tough decision to make in regards to paddles. He used Takeya for the last year or so until the company decided it would stick to water bottles.

Now, he's announced what he says he hopes will be a long term partnership with ProXR.

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Riley joins Zane Navratil, Connor Garnett, CJ Klinger, Emily Ackerman, and Andre Mick on the ProXR roster and shared why he made the decision on a recent episode of PicklePod:

"For me, I want feel from the middle with a ton of control because the best players in the world are able to get to the kitchen line very quickly, and to get there, you need control," Riley says, talking about what the perfect paddle is like for him.

In an Instagram post, Riley says his own signature paddle will be coming out in a couple of months.

Christian Alshon goes to Paddletek

Riley isn't the only one taking up a new paddle sponsorship. On the same day Riley announced he was moving to ProXR, Christian Alshon – the "Tweener King" – announced he's going to Paddletek.

"I tried a lot of paddles since I started looking and this is easily my favorite," he says in an Instagram video.

Alshon joins the following pros in repping Paddletek on the court:

  • World no. 1 Anna Leigh Waters
  • Leigh Waters
  • Irina Tereschenko
  • Andrea Koop
  • Riley Bohnert

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