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RIA Eyewear Offers Style and the Best Protection on the Pickleball Court

by The Dink Media Team on

We recently went in depth on what is quickly becoming one of the bigger trends in pickleball: the increase in players wearing protective eyewear, both recreationally and professionally.

In a recent poll in The Dink's very popular newsletter, over 61 percent of the over 10,000 respondents said they always wear protective eyewear when taking the court. Another eight percent said they plan to wear eyewear in the near future.

Pickleball sunglasses, Protective eyewear, RIA Eyewear

So 70 percent of pickleballers wear or intend to wear protective eyewear in the near future.

That's more than a trend. 

Enter RIA Eyewear, the leader in protective eyewear for pickleball. As the Official Protective Eyewear of USA Pickleball since 2020, RIA has been keeping pickleball players safe on court while changing the way they see the game. 

RIA develops all of their pickleball lenses from shatterproof materials to ensure the highest level of protection. The company's polycarbonate lenses are 5x more impact-resistant than traditional polycarbonate and are well equipped to handle pickleballs traveling at high speeds.      

RIA has become known for their bestselling Court HD+ lens technology, developed in collaboration with world renowned lens maker ZESS. Built through extensive color science research, the company’s Court HD+ technology enhances contrast on the court, allowing players to pick up the ball more easily. 

All of RIA’s lenses are non-polarized, specifically to help pickleballers maintain optimal depth perception while also providing 100 percent UVA/B protection.  The company’s lenses are built to stand up to the toughest conditions and are treated with coatings to combat fog and glare.  

RIA's Vantage Court HD+
RIA's Vantage Court HD+

RIA offers a number of different frame styles, all of which are made in Italy. Some of their more popular styles include the Vantage and Reflex, both of which have interchangeable lenses for indoor and outdoor play.  

RIA's Reflex Court HD+
RIA's Reflex Court HD+

RIA's eyewear can be seen on some of the game's top players, including Maggie and Mary Brascia and Erik Lange, each a member of RIA Eyewear's Pro Team

Tennis' all-time winning doubles team – the Bryan brothers – are endorsed by RIA. Mike and Bob enjoy playing pickleball and continue to sport RIA Eyewear, regardless of whether they are gripping a tennis racket or a pickleball paddle.

Investing in the right pair of pickleball sunglasses can make a noticeable difference. Gear up with the best eyewear for pickleball and start seeing the game in high definition. 

Want to learn more about pickleball eyewear? Visit our partners at RIA Eyewear, the preferred eyewear brand in pickleball and the official eyewear of USA Pickleball.

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