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Serve, Without Overserving

by The Dink Media Team on

From the corner donut cart to Big Gulps to “all you can eat and drink” buffets, portions have gone through the roof. And while it’s easy to demonize foods, beverages, and empty calories, research shows that people unintentionally consume more calories when faced with larger portions—and that's true of both food and drink.

This insight was the inspiration for Dan & Mary Cassidy to create Pourtions—a unique line of barware and tableware that deftly mixes social awareness with a nudge in the right direction.

It’s where “mischief meets moderation”. All of their products use humorous graphics that provide colorful, visual cues for a proper serving size. For example, the wine glasses feature Pourtions’ signature “perfect 6 oz. pour,” which conveniently translates to 4 glasses per bottle.

Their whiskey and mixed drink glasses also feature perfect pour lines, at 2 oz. and 6oz. respectively.

And since recreation and refreshments go hand in hand, Pourtions created their latest stemless glass to pay homage to the fastest growing sport in the U.S....Pickleball, of course!

As always, it features a nearly perfect pour—with graphic accents on the side of a racquet and a pickleball. Now you can always serve, without overserving!

Maybe you struggle with overfilling your plate? Pourtions also offers fun and functional tableware to keep you from overindulging. The collection includes pasta bowls, appetizer and dinner plates, so now you can enjoy the food you love responsibly at every meal.

To see the entire Pourtions collections, visit them here—and use discount code DINK20 for 20% off everything.

The Dink Media Team

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