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Playing Pickleball 'Rehabilitates Your Brain'

by Adam Forziati on

Do you ever hear someone talk, agree wholeheartedly with what they’re saying, until just one detail slips and you’re suddenly against them?

That’s how we felt watching…whoever this guy is (it's Daniel G. Amen, M.D.):

He was on the Warren Buffett fan account, so he must be smart, right?

Anyway, his point was that people who play racquet sports live longer than those who don’t. People who play pickleball live longer.

Why? Because they are whole-brain exercises, requiring the use of fast reflexes, aerobic ability, strategic thinking, and quick information processing.

The cerebellum, that back part of the brain taking up 10% of its volume yet containing over half its neurons, is responsible for physical coordination and thought coordination.

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The cerebellum is critically important to both physical coordination and how quickly one can process information.

Pickleball forces your brain to use both its frontal lobes, helping you strategize, and its parietal lobes, seeing where the ball is in space. It helps "rehabilitate your brain," he says.

...But he prefers table tennis. Ugh.

We were all for this guy, and I guess we still are...but he did at one point in that video say: "I prefer table tennis to pickleball because it is faster."

FASTER? I guess at the very highest pro levels, the amount of shots with incredibly fast pace on them in table tennis is probably greater. But even at the 3.5 level of pickleball, we're seeing faster and faster play at the kitchen.

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Adam Forziati

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