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PicklePod: How Zane Upset the Johns Bros

by Jason Flamm on

Fresh off a huge weekend at what’s being dubbed the Rain Delay Open (Austin), Zane Navratil discusses how he and Christian Alshon defeated the No. 1 Men’s Doubles pickleball team, the Johns Bros.

Zane and Thomas Shields also provide listeners with tips on playing with a new doubles partner, and Thomas teases a new “rocketship” paddle on the horizon.

The Strategy Zane and Christian Used to Beat the Johns

It was nine months ago that Zane laid out the foolproof strategy to beat the Johns brothers. Find out if that was the strategy he used or if something else helped him and Christian slay the beasts.

New Partner? Play to Your Strengths

In the early stages of a new partnership, it’s tempting to try and use a strategy that works for you and your partner. According to Zane, this is a mistake. Instead, you should play your game and see if you two can naturally complement each other. If not, find a new partner. 

The Curse of the PicklePod

Recent guests of the PicklePod (Collin Johns and Anna Leigh Waters) have had not-so-great results since their appearances. Move over Curse of the Billy Goat, there’s a new epic curse in pro sports.

The Hottest Paddle in the World?

The guys chat a bit about upcoming pickleball paddles and which companies are leading the charge to create the ultimate weapon for pickleballers. Thomas also mentions his obscene request for the most powerful paddle on earth. Will it help him (finally) beat Zane and Dekel Bar?

Listener Questions

Zane and Thomas address listener questions, including how pro pickleball players get paid and secret patterns the pros talk about. 

Introducing the Pickleball World Series

Last but not least, the guys invite the founder of the Pickleball World Series to the pod to answer questions and give everyone the lowdown on what to expect from this new event. 


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