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Jaume Martinez Vich on His Living Situation, How to Turn Pro and More on the PicklePod

by Jason Flamm on

Believe it or not, it's pronounced Jau-may, with a hard J sound.

But JMV is such a nice guy (or a troll, depending on how you look at it), that he won't correct you if you say it wrong.

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This week's guest on the PicklePod was Jaume Martinez Vich. This Spaniard living in Hawaii has taken the pickleball world by storm. He was even a recent winner of a Dink Award for SLK Rising Talent, beating out Gabriel Tardio by more than six percentage points.

It was a candid and sometimes off-the-rails (literally) conversation with many awesome tidbits and advice others can use to get better at pickleball quickly.

Jaume is Homeless and Loving It

"It's actually pretty good."

That was Jaume's answer when Zane Navratil asked what it's like being homeless in America. Jaume relies on his connections to live a true road warrior life. Someday, he plans on returning to Hawaii, but right now, he is having a lot of fun not having to pay a mortgage.

How Jaume Got So Good So Fast

While it may seem like he came out of nowhere, Jaume has put in the work to get better. Besides his tennis background and training with Tyson McGuffin, he also uses the players around him to advance his game.

While his advice is to play with better talent to improve, perhaps more interestingly, he says that he tells his opponents exactly what his weaknesses are so they can exploit them. This forces him to get better, even against less talented players.

He's a Hustler Baby

Jaume prides himself on his hustle. Need a haircut? Call Jaume. Need someone to drive a truck? Hit him up. Ask him to show you his six-pack ... don't make it weird, Zane.

A Surprise Guest Shows Up

When Thomas and Zane hear someone shooting pool, they ask Jaume who he's hanging with. As it turns out, this AirBnB is hosting a few other pickleball pros as well.

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