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PicklePod 7: College Pickleball Kickoff

by The Dink Media Team on

In the most recent episode of PicklePod with Tyson Apostol and Thomas Shields, the two pickleballers chat about the latest from around the picklesphere.

Thomas and Tyson talk about everything from the secret celebrity pickleball craze to the explosion of college pickleball. They recap the PPA Hilton Head Open, talk about the upcoming tournaments and some of the surprise partnerships and results lately. Thomas slept in a Denny’s parking lot and side jobs are a thing in pickleball – will they always be?Watch the episode on YouTube via the link above or listen on Spotify, Apple, iHeart Radio and more via this link.

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*Show notes:*

(9:04) The guys talk shop, past and future guests and side jobs in pickle

(15:03) Why Thomas was left out of the pickleball feature in Vanity Fair and how that led to the birth of PicklePod

(21:56) The legion of closet celebrity pickleballers, and which ones will be at the PPA’s upcoming pro-am

(23:20) Hilton Head Open recap and who Ben Johns is playing with next year

(28:57) Global pickleball and parallels to other burgeoning sports

(32:08) College pickleball is on the rise

(40:23) The upcoming tournament schedule and why Thomas slept in a Denny’s parking lot

(50:19) Pickleball invades big media again

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