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PicklePod 6: Pickleball Invades Big Media

by The Dink Media Team on

In the most recent episode of PicklePod with Tyson Apostol and Thomas Shields, the two pickleballers chat about the latest from around the picklesphere.

National TV, The Bush Family and Joe Rogan are talkin’ pickle, no naturally, the guys break it all down. Tyson and Thomas talk about the impact of the recent USAP rules committee votes, deliver multiple pieces of breaking news, and explain what Michael Phelps and Simone Biles have in common with two of the top pickleballers in the world.Watch the episode on YouTube via the link above or listen on Spotify, Apple, iHeart Radio and more via this link.

*Show notes:*

(5:39) Thomas delivers some breaking news about MLP and the PPA (

15:06) The guys talk about The Bush Family’s pickleball love affair and Drew Brees’ recent match

(18:09) Tyson delivers some breaking news of his own and the two theorize about the next wave of pb pros

(28:08) The USAP Rules Committee voted on the Zane serve and rally-scoring. We break it down.

(36:53) Tyson and Thomas talk about Pickleball’s three big moments in the national spotlight recently

(43:55) Michael Phelps, Steph Curry, and Simone Biles sports agent signs Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters

(48:47) Upcoming tournaments and the dudes nail their sign off for the first time

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