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Pickleball’s Global Takeover Continues - Now in Africa

by Jason Flamm on

The world of pickleball continues to expand.

This time, it was found in the African Games. For those unfamiliar, the African Games – also known as the All-Africa Games or Pan African Games, is an event that takes place every four years in Africa.

The multi-sport games are organized by The African Union, the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa, and the Association of African Sports Confederations. 

The games have been around since 1965 – coincidentally, the same year pickleball was invented. The games are designed to highlight and promote African sports, cultural exchange, and athletic talent for the continent. 

This year’s games featured a lesser-known sport for the area ... you guessed it, pickleball. 

A Small, But Dedicated Following

We don’t have to convince you that pickleball is addictive. But what if we told you that several players used plywood paddles to play these games, and one reportedly sold some of his land to fund his team’s trip?

Now, that’s some inspiring dedication.

The games brought players from Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria, Egypt, Benin, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Sierra Leone. 

Jeremiah Pratt, the land owner who sold a plot to fund his team’s travels (proving he may be the most dedicated pickleball player on the planet), says his goal is to bring pickleball to schools and communities throughout Sierra Leone. 

The Confederation of African Pickleball (CAP) was formed in August of 2023 and fought hard to get pickleball included in the African Games.

You Can Follow Them on Facebook

Africa Pickleball is a Facebook page created "To perpetuate the growth and development of Pickleball in Africa." You can find recaps of the African Games tournaments and stay updated on all the latest pickleball happenings across the continent. 

You can find more information about the African Games on their website and even find plenty of videos on the Confederation of African Pickleball YouTube channel

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