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Pickleball Will Be Front and Center on Super Sunday

by Jason Flamm on

Move over Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, or kindly let us poach a spot next to you.

Pickleball will be a part of the Super Sunday and featured in one of the very valuable commercial spots.

Register today for the first ever Pickle Bowl, Feb. 8-11 at The Plaza in Las Vegas!

In this funny and adorable spot from the online brokerage firm E-Trade, two adults don athletic gear and generic pickleball paddles while slamming balls across the court and calling out their opponents for being “light work.”

When they issue a challenge for their “next victims,” the camera pans to two toddlers charging up to the kitchen line with their own question, “You ready for this?”

We don’t know about you, but we are definitely ready to see pickleball on the biggest stage in the world.

Going to Vegas for the Big Game? Register now for the First Annual Pickle Bowl or find some courts to play on while you’re in town.

Jason Flamm

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