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Pickleball Vandalism in Santa Rosa

by The Dink Media Team on

The pickleballers from Santa Rosa’s Finley Community Park found their courts vandalized last Saturday morning. Six quarts of motor oil was deliberately spilled on the courts making them unplayable until they could be cleaned up.

An explicit note was left at scene threatening to key the cars of pickleball players that come back to the multi-use pickleball/tennis courts.

“The mess on Saturday followed a string of vandalism aimed at pickleball players after more than 100 of them joined an online Santa Rosa Board of Community Services meeting in late October and urged the board to add pickleball court striping to the last two tennis-only courts at Finley. The board voted to approve the proposal.”

There has been growing animosity from tennis players in the area as more courts are converted from strictly tennis to multi-use courts. This is the third act of vandalism on these courts and it’s clear that it’s not all grapes and good vibes in California’s wine country…

Signs advise of closures at Finley Community Park’s tennis and pickleball courts Monday, Nov. 20, 2021 in Santa Rosa. The closures were blamed on vandalism that occurred over the weekend. (Colin Atagi/The Press Democrat)

“We can’t point any fingers at anyone, but some of the tennis players were very upset that we are going to be striping the courts for pickleball.”

Alright we’ll just come out and say it since no one else will. The tennis players are mad. The two tennis-only courts were untouched. Let’s put two and two together here, eh?

We’ve got a tennis x pickleball beef. We know which paddles generate the most spin, but anyone out there have any recommendations for a paddle that can also be used as a battle-axe?

The Pickleball community in Santa Rosa continues to grow according to this article. Community members have started attending Board of Community Service meetings to help pass legislation and recently raised $20,000 to buy nets for courts in the area. We stand with you pickleballers of Santa Rosa, let’s put an end to the ridiculous vandalism and get even more pickleball courts built in the area.

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