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Pickleball thieves swipe $20,000 worth of paddles

by The Dink Media Team on

Call the cops. Call the FBI. Call the National Guard. There is a new crime spree targeting pickleball shops in Colorado.

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Family-owned, Game Set Match is a tennis and pickleball retailer with three locations in the Denver area. According to a recent news story, all three locations have been hit by the theft spree.

Security cameras caught two separate groups of people concealing paddles in their clothing and exiting the store. The store owner estimates the total value stolen to be a staggering $20,000 - 30,000.

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The pickleballers from Santa Rosa’s Finley Community Park found their courts vandalized last Saturday…

As a precaution, paddles have been placed closer to the register where employees can keep a more watchful eye on the goods.

While we're very sympathetic to the owners of this establishment, what does it say that only pickleball equipment was lifted and not any tennis gear?

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