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Tales from the Court: Unusual Pickleball Stories

by Adam Forziati on

The pickleball court may be a hub of athleticism and camaraderie, but it also occasionally bears witness to bizarre twists that leave players in awe.

These odd occurrences, though rare, add a dash of unpredictability to the game, reminding us that even on the court, the universe can unfold its eccentricities in the most entertaining ways.

We asked subscribers to our newsletter (which you should be too if you aren't already!) to tell us about some of the most interesting things which have happened to them while playing pickleball.

These are their stories:

Pickleball's newest fawn/fan

Terry L. told us about pickleball's newest observer:

We were playing on an outdoor fenced court next to an area of marshy land full of tall grasses and bulrushes.

The mixed doubles game was competitive and very close. All four players were focused on the play and intent on doing their best.

In the midst of one play, I, the ball boy, called a halt to the action, drawing quizzical and somewhat upset looks from all concerned.

They looked at me and then looked where I was pointing at the lower part of the fence. Standing there intently watching our game was the smallest fawn that I have ever seen...the size of a chihuahua.

Everyone agreed that it was worthy of a pause in the game.

Narrow miss

Greg K. shared one of the most alarming stories we've heard yet:

While in rec play at the Doniphan, Missouri city park courts, we heard the sound of an airplane engine in distress.

Next thing we know, a single seat airplane was diving toward a cattle pasture next to the courts.

At the last moment, the plane veered toward the courts at high speed. It landed on its gear and rolled through a fence, stopping 50 feet from the courts.

Needless to say, it stopped all the games in their tracks as everyone scattered. No one was hurt.

He'll feel that one tomorrow (and the next day)

Micah M. gives our readers a warning: ALWAYS WARM UP!

I’m a 26 year old, athletic guy who’s been playing pickleball for about 2 years. I usually try to stretch before playing, but this one time I arrived at the court I barely had time to put my shoes on before they ushered me into a game.

I was in front of the server at the kitchen line (left side) and my partner had returned a serve but stayed back, which created an opening. I knew they’d drive the ball to him, so I came in with a poach to catch them off guard.

The ball was just at the end of my reach, I swung out to volley and just felt my shoulder pop out. I had never dislocated my shoulder previously but I knew it had happened. I’ll be out of commission for months at least, and possibly need surgery.

The point thankfully ended soon after I dislocated my shoulder, in the same motion that I was swinging my arm out and it popped out of its socket. I somehow managed to finish the swing and volley the ball at the opponents feet that had rushed up.

One of my opponents, whom I had never met before, was kind enough to help me grab my stuff, put it away in my car, and drive me to an urgent care.

Make sure to stretch guys! At least I got the point though.😂

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Still counts!

Timothy A. told us this tale about two balls being in the same place at the wrong time:

It was game point towards the end of a close, competitive game and everyone was focused and dialed in.

Just as the guy on the opposing team went for his serve, a stray ball from another court popped up from behind him.

Totally oblivious, he swung and hit both his ball and the stray ball with his serve.

One ball landed in and the other went short.

He was so stunned and confused as to whether his serve was in or short and we all had a big laugh.

An inappropriate landing spot

Lorraine C. sent in this tale of an unlikely spot a pickleball came to rest:

I was walking back from the kitchen to take my turn to serve when the ball was hit to me. Needless to say, I didn’t see the ball because my back was turned, but I sure did FEEL it!

It bounced up the inside back of my skirt and sat on the top of my butt while I was still walking. I had to literally retrieve the ball to get it out.

It took us and the two courts on either side of us about 15 minutes to stop laughing.

If you have a tale that we need to hear, send us an email!

Adam Forziati

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