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Pickleball is a Mental Health Win says Psychology Today

by The Dink Media Team on

Psychology Today has taken an interest in the sport of pickleball. They recently published an article breaking down the benefits of playing into three categories.

  • Physical Exercise
  • Mental Exercise
  • Mental Health Boost

We all know that playing pickleball has immense benefits but the article provides more of the intricacies of why pickleball specifically is beneficial.  The author, Dr. Robert Lavine, mentions how moderate physical activity like pickleball can increase blood flow, improve balance and lower the risk of disease.

Pickleball has obvious benefits in meeting people to play in a sociable, cheerful, positive, and low-pressure activity. Playing can enhance self-confidence and self-efficacy—that is, being an active agent by participating in a positive activity.

Evidence is increasing for the beneficial effects of exercise on mental health, possibly by increasing blood circulation to the brain and moderating the physiological reactivity to stress via the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis and the limbic system. Better sleep, stress relief, and energy can be a result.

Dr. robert lavine, Psyschology today

The social communities that grow around pickleball are what have made the growth of pickleball unique.  It is not just a sport that is played by individuals. Clubs, groups, and open play sessions give people an opportunity to compete, socialize and exercise all in one. All of these are beneficial to our mental health and create the addiction that has us playing multiple times a day.

Like Marshawn Lynch says, “Take care of y’all mental, take care of y’all body and take care of y’all chicken” and there’s no better way, than playing pickleball.

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